Yes, it’s our favorite topic again, Solana staking.

Do you stake your SOL? Safe to assume you are, since you’re reading this — or at least stake-curious.

For unfathomable reasons, there is still a whole lot of delegators staking to validators directly instead of using pools (actually, all of stake pools together only cover about 4% of total SOL staked). We at jFactory may not get it, but we do acknowledge the fact and respect your choices, and we are here to help.

There is a lot of information available on every validator. Some of it is important for delegators, even more of it matters to the operators of those validators aiming to improve their node’s performance.
Some of this data is available at such websites as,,,; we are very grateful for the work they do, and some of our data comes from these sources.

What we tried to create with Staking.Kiwi though is a convenient, user-friendly interface with useful filters for all your stake or validator management needs. Сonnect your Solana wallet (we support most of those) to fully manage your stake through our dApp.

To name just a few features:

  • filter out anonymous or non-zero fee validators;
  • easily stake to any validator (and restake if it drops in APY — optimizing your yield has never been easier!);
  • monitor your rewards from all of the validators if staking to more than one;
  • compare your validator node’s performance to others across a number of metrics, whether you are staking to this validator or running it.

And if someday you want to give a stake pool a try, move your SOL to JPool just as easily in one click, as long as your staking account is delegated to one of the validators in the pool.

We have built the interface based on our own needs and experiences of staking SOL and running our own validators, and we really hope Staking.Kiwi will be as handy to other Solana users as it is to ourselves — a comprehensive, all-purpose Solana staking cockpit.

But it’s more than just a better validator comparison dashboard

Staking.Kiwi is also making life easier for validators. Up until now, if you wanted to receive SOL from the delegators, you needed to build your own website and go into web3 programming.

With, you can just post the link to your own sub-page (like this one for our own validator), and your delegators will be able to stake their SOL to your validator with a couple of clicks.

But what if you want (or already have) your own website promoting your validator? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Just use our widget on your website, and you have a fully-functioning web3 solution to let anyone stake directly on your web page.


Of course we will keep working to make Staking.Kiwi better, improving its interface and adding new features. Among other important additions, there will be various scores, as well as an analytical tool showing correlations between performance metrics and stake flow to and from your validator.

The jFactory team would appreciate your feedback and feature requests, either here in the comments section or per email at

Staking.Kiwi was built by Solana enthusiasts for Solana enthusiasts, with much love and attention to detail.

Give it a try, you’ll like it — or money back.

Oh wait, right, it’s free.



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